Map is active!
App is public!
– Coin burn has begun!
Incentive sponsorship program initiated!

So here we are with a brief update and a Q3 report…

Roadmap progress:

– Beta map release (completed on time)
– Listing contract deployment (completed in Q3)
– Vote contract deployment (delayed to Q4)

– Incentives program (active)
– Location Marketplace (delayed to 2022 Q1)
– Rat NFT deployment (delayed to 2022 Q2)

– CHEESE hoard (on schedule)
– Token burn (completed / active)
– W.A.R.P. system Beta release (delayed to 2022 Q2)

Our map is active and anyone can create a listing!

How to:
– Come up with a plan. You are taking ownership of the location you are creating. It takes effort and commitment on the user’s part to implement and manage a CRYPTO SPOT. 
– Install Tronlink / acquire SPOT.
– Visit / dashboard / submit listing.
– Fill form / burn 1 token / complete listing.
– COMMUNICATE to our team how you want to incentivize consumers to visit / use your services — LET’S BUILD!

The next phases that we build:

Location NFT’s

Any location can be incentivized or have a programmed reward mechanism.

– Listings such as stores and ATM’s can be tokenized as location NFT’s. When a user submits a listing of these types, a new “proposal” will be created. The “proposal” [vote contract] allows the community to check the validity of the listing and vote to either approve or deny verification of the listing.
– Verification requires 100 votes in the form of SPOT Tokens. 99 from the community and 1 from the oracle. Each user may cast up to 10 votes [tokens] to pass the “proposal”. 
– If the listing is “passed”[approved] then a lottery will occur and 1 lucky voter will receive all 100 Tokens. However, if the oracle deems that the location is spam, fraudulent, or a duplicate then the proposal will be denied and anyone who voted “yes” will forfeit their tokens to the oracle.
– Verified listings will receive a badge and the owner will be granted 1 NFT of their location.

Rat NFT’s

2560 Rat NFT’s will be minted (1280 Good, 1280 Evil)

– The user must choose their path (good or evil), design their rat, mint the rat, then proceed to gain 4 levels of mutation by feeding it CHEESE.
– Once at maximum level (5), the user can deploy the rat to 1 of the 2560 landmass locations on the map grid.
– Minting the initial lvl 1 rat will cost 50 TRX, the user will pay the gas fees, and will commit 20 SPOT to “roll” on “rattributes” (attack, health, armor, alert, speed). A random amount of SPOT will be burned to generate these [r]attributes, and any remaining tokens will fund oracle voting.
– These rattributes will change at each level as the rat gains mutated tech implants.
– Exact mechanics and meta for the game aspect are under heavy development and testing by a group of captured tabletop nerds in a back room. ?

These Location and Rat NFT’s will have unique functions in our ecosystem. 

  • Proof of ownership
  • Proof of location
  • Smart contract interactions
  • Reward mechanisms
  • Augmented reality triggers
  • Advertising tools
  • Game functions
  • Meta-key capabilities

We will also be providing an NFT marketplace alongside our already operational exchange. All of these unique tools and interactions will power our platform to allow users to create almost anything.

Our ecosystem is growing quickly. 
Anyone can list just about anything.
We are providing the tools, the users are responsible for the ideas.

“It’s like:
monopoly + yelp + fable + pokemon + final fantasy + paypal 

—Antony Blinkin 

Stake your claim in the one and only decentralized crypto map dapp.
Stake your claim in the one and only decentralized crypto map dapp.

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Development is ongoing.

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5.0003% of tokens burned so far.

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