The Cryptospots DApp has moved ahead strongly in Q1 of 2021, growing our community and building away at our illustrious ecosystem. The listing has broadened access to the token and we are thrilled to have so many new community members and holders.
We have achieved our ROADMAP goals for Q1 and will continue diligently onward to the next phase.

The Cryptospots DApp is powered by users, both retailers and consumers, and our team is constantly reaching out to potential businesses that may want to create new listings.

The platform has 6 listing types:

  1. Brick & Mortar
  2. Online
  3. ATM
  4. Event
  5. RAT
  6. Bounty

The “Prospecting” phase (ending June 1st 2021) is active, and allows business owners to list their services before the app is open to the public. When this phase is complete, the “Anarchipelago” phase begins and anyone can create a new listing for any location as long as it is not a duplicate. It is the sole responsibility of the community to manage these listings. We hope to see a wild west gold rush type of hysteria overtake the cryptosphere as people rush to secure their listings.
In the meantime, we urge every business to list their stores/services. We will work with you to integrate every location and provide accurate data to the public. This is free, and we want to work with ATM companies, chains, crypto projects, POS systems, and even people who just want to create a job or bounty that pays in crypto.

Looking Forward to Q2

Below is the upcoming smart contract protocol (anarchy + archipilego = “Anarchipelago”) which will be in place for listings in categories 1,2, & 3

— user burns 1 SPOT and creates a new listing

— upon completion, a new “vote proposal” is automatically created by the user with a message containing the listing’s / URL

— the proposal must then be voted upon

— unique wallets may contribute up to 10 votes using SPOT

— when 100 votes are reached a lottery chooses 1 voter to receive all 100 SPOT

— confirmed “proposals” will receive a verified badge

— owners of confirmed listings will ultimately have the ability to mint their listing as a location-based NFT using the TRC721 protocol

— these owners can link with their consumers to gain rewards when commerce is facilitated

As always, user-to-user transfer will be free and there are virtually no limits to the potential of job and bounty creation on this platform.

And this brings us to the explanation of the City Rats NFT
This will be known as the “RATtribution” phase.

— LEVEL 1: Any wallet holding 100 SPOT will be able to mint 1 RAT NFT Token. The creator visits our interface, selects GOOD or EVIL, and will be presented with a RAT to customize. The user may edit their RAT, then commits up to 20 SPOT that can be burned in the minting process, to randomly generate the RAT’s “rattributes” (ATTACK, HEALTH, ARMOR, ALERT, SPEED) Next the RAT must undergo 4 mutations that will affect it’s stats. There are 256 possible stat combinations. (No need to thank us)

— LEVEL 2: The owner feeds the RAT 1,000 CHEESE to mutate

— LEVEL 3: The owner feeds the RAT 2,500 CHEESE to mutate

— LEVEL 4: The owner feeds the RAT 25,000 CHEESE to mutate

— LEVEL 5: The owner feeds the RAT 50,000 CHEESE to mutate

— Upon achieving max level, the RAT can then be placed on our map to control certain territory. The RAT controlling the territory will receive a percentage of the rewards earned within its radius.

— RATs that have not been deployed may attack occupied territories.

— Users may buy potions & items to help their RAT achieve victory. We have not yet determined which crypto will be used to buy these.

Randomized Example of lvl 5 Evil RAT

This is just a small explanation of one of the many pieces of the enormous platform we are building.
Make sure to join our community channels and stay tuned for ways to get involved!
We also encourage you to collect from our faucets, trade on our exchange, or stake SPOT using our smart contract as you observe and learn about CRYPTOSPOT TOKEN.

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