It’s time for an educational swim!
But rather than just toss you out there into the water, I am going to help you cautiously wade into the realm of AAVEGOTCHI and the GOTCHIVERSE.

This particular web3 project can be accessed via the Polygon / MATIC network.
Just visit their site, connect your wallet, then click the little arrow on the right to open a menu, THEN click the play arrow to enable the epic Gotchi music!

Lets start out by familiarizing you with the assets involved in this massive ecosystem.
Here is a link to the ACTUAL project wiki if you need further clarifications.

GHST is the native token, THE currency behind the whole project. You will NEED the token if you want to acquire assets to get started in the game. Continue reading to decide which “Aavegotchi obtainment method” might work best for you.

– Navigate over to the GOTCHI BAAZAAR and check out all the assets.

  • Aavegotchis – the cute ghosts that haunt the gotchiverse and have EVEN crept out into other areas of the vast metaverse.
  • Portals – unopened portals will allow their owner to open them and select from 10 different Aavegotchis to adopt. 1 will survive, the others simply vanish, their souls forever laid to rest.
  • Gotchiverse Land – parcels of territory INSIDE the Gotchiverse! The ground contains powerful elements known as ALCHEMICA that course through the different districts. Larger parcels and land that is inside the protected walls of the Citaadel.

  • Installations – Gotchi technology has advanced quickly in just a short time, these powerful engines can be used to harness the coveted resources from the Gotchiverse.
  • Tiles – these are cosmetic items owned by the “old money ghost elite”, they decorate their parcels to flaunt their vast wealth.
  • Equipment – Aavegotchis have basic stats, all of which affect their little day-to-day lives in the Gotchiverse. These stats can be altered by equipping wearable items!

– So lets talk about these stats. Gotchis have a few different attributes that affect their mobility, toughness, strength, etc.

The first 4 attributes on the left can be altered if you equip wearables.
You can feed them consumables to increase XP or Kinship.
Pet your Aavegotchi often to increase Kinship.
Wearables can be purchased on the baazaar or can now even be crafted in the FORGE!

Religiously petting your Aavegotchi will accrue “Kinship”. Even kinship will affect your Gotchi’s stats. Higher rarity and Kinship levels will grant rewards during rarity season as the most devoted Gotchis are rewarded by large sums of $GHST. These large payments usually result in massive mining operations that roll through the Gotchiverse, decimating the parcels as they leech every bit of alchemica from the ground.
Scavengers often find parcels for sale in the bazzaar, and pull alchemica out of the harvesters that prospectors have left behind on their abandoned parcels after tapping the resources.


“The machines were long-abandoned but the alchemica fragments remaining in the cogs and pipes of the once-powerful installations, still hummed with a mysterious vibration that could be felt in the air around it.”
– Phliip Bliiply

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