The time has finally come! A homecoming, if you will – a grand redemption, a splendid acknowledgement. The legitimization and recognition that we have worked so hard to achieve is finally here.

Cryptospot Token has been added to POLOINIDEX!!!!

Now I know you are thinking to yourself “that Cretin, doesn’t he know SPOT has been on Polonidex for like over a year???
Well you wouldn’t be wrong, BUT we were listed as a risk pair, meaning it was not an officially sanctioned / recognized trading pair.

THINGS CHANGE, however and through the efforts of our team and the generosity of the Polonidex staff, SPOT has been added as an official, true, recognized, vetted trading pair on the only originally sanctioned dex of the Tron network. This is a huge deal…
You can see the announcement here.

Many thanks to the Polonidex team for recognizing the true potential of SPOT and to our community who has continued to grow and support our efforts to build this crypto map app dapp.
This is a huge accomplishment for us, and validates the years of hard work that have already gone into this project.

Please be on the lookout for a trading competition and make wise use of any arbitrage opportunities.
Happy Trading!


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