Below the graphic, you will find detailed information on each phase.

2020 was a time of planning, building, and growing. Our community has grown, we have developed a clearer picture of what we are creating and how to do it, and cryptocurrency is dominating.

So here is our updated roadmap!

– Addition of 3-5 BTC pairs on
Preliminary map listing phase for businesses that want to show “proof of ownership” and claim their own businesses before we open listings to the public (to ensure fairness, as we plan to implement a “location marketplace”).

– Decentralized map will go live. Anyone can create a location!
– Each location will be recorded on the TRX blockchain by a contract that will burn 1 SPOT and send a message containing the new location’s unique URL inside (under / construction).
– When the new umm..”spot” on the map goes live, a voting contract will become available where users bear the solemn responsibility of verifying the location’s information and submitting 1 SPOT to vote affirmatively. IF the vote passes, the location earns a verified badge.

– Funds in our centralized exchange can be transferred from user to user for free, and we will begin implementing rewards, incentives, and rebates.
– Users will be able to transfer or trade ownership of their locations.
– Creation of a TRC20 “Rat Token” (R4T) to be used in the City Rats MMORPG.

– CHEESE will be added to the exchange and we will begin a massive hoarding campaign in preparation for City Rats.
– Cryptospot Token (SPOT) circulating / total supply will be reduced a 2nd time by a token burn. The first burn destroyed 50% of circulating supply and 5% of total supply.
FINALLY – The W.A.R.P. System beta app release where users can explore AR and receive coins, prizes, coupons, airdrops, and NFT’s for exploring their surroundings in augmented reality.

As we build, and technologies improve and become more efficient, you will see us connect each important part of our ecosystem.

There are three websites associated with this project.

Faucets / blog / news –
Map – (which is under / construction)
Exchange / staking –

You can also use our staking contract here, which rewards long-term holders and grants merchants a hedge against price fluctuations.


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