The SPOT construction process has been a whirlwind of ideas and big dreams. We are still a very small cap token and hope to build a bigger user base.
Our goal is to utilize this app to help everyone accept/spend crypto in every neighborhood around the world. Literally…
We want you to be able to check the map anytime and see a bounty or create your own…. like our beloved user FlashThunder who always tries to make bounties for 3 beef tacos…. or maybe someone up the street needs (for example)…..
-an item they forgot to pick up at the store
-some dry cleaning dropped off on the way into town
-or maybe some smokes and beer delivered

We want to give users a way to create and market their own ideas, messages, and products in a resourceful crypto platform built for ease of use and simple p2p payments. But that’s just a tiny piece of the entire app. Help us grow and create this amazing resource and give the power to the users.
Here is the best way to get involved:
Join our community and learn more


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2500 DOGE Winner

December 17, 2019

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