It’s important for people to be able to locate and visit merchants that accept cryptocurrency both online and in the real world. Holding or trading is great and all… but it was created to be spent and used. The Cryptospots ecosystem is being created to reward people for spending and using that crypto.
We are giving merchants and users the ability to create, manage, and promote their own listings. Whether it’s an online store, a brick & mortar shop, a special event, or a bounty – we want people to be able to create their own jobs and shops. A bounty could be anything ranging from: “deliver these goods”, “walk my dog”, “visit my shop”, to “check in to this location (using XYO technology)”, or even “personal ads (you dog)”.

This app has the capability to unleash a huge opportunity for small jobs, micro-transactions, events, and mobile networking. Imagine being able to post any job in any location around the world, and the user that completes the job verifies their location in the app upon completion, and then both parties are rewarded. It’s going to be extremely simple, and user-to-user transfers are free!
Our referral system is already live, you can stake your SPOT on our exchange. Or you could print out a paper wallet and hold your tokens in cold storage with our unique wallet generator that is the first of its kind in the TRX community. Or you could get your ad or business seen by adding it to our map.
We are working on merging the map and the exchange so people can do all of their work on one site. Next we will roll out the beta treasure hunt app and then HOPEFULLY someone will come to the rescue and help us compile the solidity code to get the TRX interactions working.

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