I just want to take a minute to tell you about a fascinating project that I admire…
It’s Decentraland – with their huge, open-world VR platform and MANA token (which we have price tracked LIVE – here on this site – since the beginning)!

Now I don’t want to say “I told you so”… But I did….
If you know me in real life then you have heard me talk about this. What they have built /are building is truly amazing and will shape gaming in the next several years.

~ This Decentraland world is the real wild west of the internet with its crypto-cartography, cryptology, cryptologopy, gaming, puzzles, cryptippy, crippy, and cryto. Myst was just a precursor. ~

– Leonard Kneemoy

I’m not affiliated in any way with their team, but I have played around with the SDK and scene builder, explored the endless world, and even managed to win a prize in the scene builder competition last year. The SDK software is well thought out, makes a lot of sense, and is fairly lightweight.

This project has clearly been a huge undertaking and they have some very talented people making this all possible.
Since the introduction of the prefab scene builder’s items and tools, the growth and popularity of this project has gone parabolic.

Here are a couple of interesting parcels I have recently discovered:


39, 49 DCLplazas.com

-1, -35 Sugar Club

-1, -33 The Farm

There is a vast world to explore in VR and you could explore endlessly. Land is reasonably priced on their marketplace and the software to create your own scene is quite user-friendly.

SPOT is already working with several teams to integrate prizes and NFTs into different sectors of this massive world, and we will eventually host our own VR experience.


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March 4, 2020

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