With over-the-top-advertising, monotony, and censorship happening on lots of major social media platforms, I wanted to make you aware of some alternative, crypto-based social media networks.
These places not only allow you to post and interact freely without being spied on or silenced, but also reward you with cryptocurrency for your involvement.

1. Check out MINDS, an Ethereum ERC20 token based platform where you are rewarded with the tokens for participating and being social. You can also tip and send tokens to other users, and spend your own tokens to “boost” your own posts.

2. Have a look at FRIENDSTER, a Tron TRC10 token based platform where you can earn tokens by interacting and exploring, and even complete bounties. You can sell items in their marketplace, explore games and other dapps, or even visit our amazing MEME PAGE!

3. And don’t forget that you can chat right here on your favorite faucet page in our illustrious “Crypto Consortium”.


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March 4, 2020

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