We are thrilled to announce that the v1.0 release of the Cryptospot Exchange is now live!
Here you can trade a variety of assets and STAKE YOUR CRYPTOSPOT TOKENS!

We are opening up with support for the following assets:

Cryptospot Exchange

This is the early release of the exchange which will also eventually be used for point of sale transactions at retail locations. User to user transfer is free so there will be no fees when you make p2p transactions in the exchange!
This is a huge step towards our goal of creating “An interactive map of businesses that accept cryptocurrency, and a community powered asset hub built for real world navigation and augmented reality exploration.”

At this time users who stake their SPOT will receive 0.25% daily compounding rewards. This will work well for users who are trying to obtain the minimum balance of 2,500 SPOT required to receive clues for our beta treasure hunt app (coming late Q4).

Please enjoy this exciting new chapter in the “Cryptospots.app Saga” and please direct any questions or concerns to support@cryptospots.app

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