Good morning friends, I am writing this as I throw together a bunch of info for a developer meeting this morning.

I have been working hard to create and launch the token (SPOT) that will be used in the upcoming dapp. Yesterday I woke up and saw our logo on the front page with 14 million TRX raised!

“$256,000I EXCALIMED TO MY WIFE …….I was thrilled ….. but then I realized it was not our beloved SPOT Token.

It was an impostor token called “CRY” that used our logo, our website, and our information to create a fake version of our token. I spent some time sending emails and posting on social media – trying to get answers and help. The Tron foundation nor Justin Sun have made any statement or responded to me but I do see that the scam token has been removed today.
A reddit user did some digging on the origins of that “CRY” Token and reported to me that it was created by the same user that created “DAPP” Token. Whcih was also a scam (and I see it has been removed from as well). The flow of TRX into these tokens was related, and it appears that much of the 14 million TRX we saw in “CRY” was actually just existing “DAPP” funds they were moving around to create fake volume. Both scam projects made it to the front page of the market, and I believe this was an attempt to create fake volume, get some visibility, and therefore some semblance of credibility – which led to some users spending TRX to obtain their tokens.

Since they have now been removed from Tronscan, I would encourage the TRX devs to at least find a way to prevent duplicate or similar entries when processing new token listings.

To anyone that actually sent TRX to the “CRY” scam address, please contact me here or on twitter so I can send you the real token free of charge.

I am updating our logo this week, the white paper and roadmap will be released 1 week from today, and I have several meetings with developers this week.

In the meantime you can participate in (or make fun of) our token release ONLY at THIS site.

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