Google has taken aim at mobile devices being able to mine crypto. I used to have about 20 phones and tablets all mining XMR at the peak of 2017. But now they have disabled all the miners. Neon, Minergate, Multiminer – all disabled.. 🙁
But don’t worry there is still hope! The Electroneum app is the last remaining mobile miner. Although you aren’t actually “mining”, you are completing tasks for the network and being rewarded.

I have 4 old phones mining 24/7 and get about 25-35 coins a day.

This is a very simple way to earn ETN and was recently touted as THE most profitable coin to mine (referring to the cell phone app). And with the recent ETN recent price surge you are looking at 10-15 cents profit per day minimum for each device mining.

Have a look and at least get a few ETN this way and hold onto them.

The “Electroneum” app is in the Google Play store – here – and you should totally use my referral code in the app: 2F8B94

Happy hunting!


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