Some of the biggest issues facing digital assets are questions like “where can I spend this, what’s the use-case, is this just another copy/paste shit-coin, or how long will the transaction take?” We are constantly thinking about how to facilitate mass adoption of crypto, when it will happen, and how it will impact our lives; but I think we are a lot closer to widespread use than many people realize. It’s everywhere – people all over the world own cryptocurrency and are using it in all types of ways. Here are a few pieces of information on how cryptocurrency is ALREADY being widely used mainly in just the United States! If you have more examples of global mass adoption please comment!


  • Look at Venezuela – a sad situation – but digital currencies have retained value and are now being widely used instead of cash.
  • There are nearly 4,000 Bitcoin ATM’s around the world.
  • Last week I spoke with an ATF agent who’s department is using BTC daily in prostitution sting operations. (the U.S. government is quitely using crypto)
  • In Georgia the “state revenue commissioner” is required by law to accept cryptocurrency as payment.
  • New York has authorized all of its’ state agencies to accept 4 different cryptocurrencies.
  • 17% of Millenials surveyed claim to own / have owned cryptocurrency.
  • And last (but not least) The number one game in the world (Fortnite) rewards players with cryptocurrency.
  • Look what projects like IOTA, XYO, and MANA are doing.
    • QBIC could be a huge deal for bridging the fiat gap.
    • XYO is building a network that literally has┬áto be adopted by Amazon.
    • Virtual Reality is going to be huge, and Decentraland is going to lead the way


The #cryptocommunity is strong and diverse. If we continue to innovate and #HODL then I believe we will see our passion become mainstream this decade! I encourage everyone to know your rights, do your own research, and continue to think and create!


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