Chin up crypto kidzz, a new week is ahead of us! If you have been sullenly sitting in front of your PC this weekend, stressing out about the markets then I have good news for you.

BTC is worth $7000 USD ! Isn’t that incredible?! And LTC is worth “over $100 USD”.

Take heart – now is the time to strengthen your positions!

  • Dump that 2 million SLOTH
  • Give away that 1K LIT
  • Play some video games (you can get free PHOTON from playing Fortnite)
  • Claim some DOGE here –
  • Start staking – there are so many cool projects out there with extremely high ROI
  • Try mining….
  • Stop giving away all your personal info on airdrop forms
  • Accidentally prank your friends and make them mine a dead coin

Markets will slump. Coins will fail. Diversify, research, take some risks, secure your assets in an offline cold wallet, and don’t forget to brush your teeth.

I believe in you


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