As we approach a revolutionary moment in mass adoption, it’s important to remember where we came from; and where the geniuses leading this revolution came from. The (never-ending) hard work, the dedication, the sleepless nights, the endless hours spent tweaking dumb old mining machines in your garage until 6am (and yoUR WIFE HATES YOUUUU) – the phone calls, the endless lines of code, the dumb questions, the attacks, the FUD – it’s not all about ICO’s and “meetups”. It’s not all glitz and glamour or day-trading and anyone who would have you think so, hasn’t put in the real work.

Stability and dependency go a long way in the crypto world. Look at DOGE….. “trusty DOGE”. You can bash it all you want but it’s here to stay and it has bailed us all out of a trading pickle at some point. And from what I hear it’s still holding it’s value at 1 DOGE…

–Much like Digibyte (DGB)

I remember when I first discovered DGB on multipool and mined the crap out of it. Such a cool coin that was actually obtainable! The network functioned so well that i rarely had any fallback and got consistent rewards. With variable difficulty and multiple algorithms this coin can be obtained by nearly everyone. Jared Tate has put so much work into this project and deserves to be acknowledged as the icon that he is.

The layers of protection in this coin are so unique and well thought out. 5 algorithms… who does that? This absolutely negates any chance of a 51% attack. The consensus mechanism for this TRULY decentralized coin in itself is revolutionary. (since 2014)

And soon with the release of DIGI-ID we will see real implementation of block-chain for the common man! Imagine a simple, secure program connected to all of your accounts that allows for seamless login and 2FA! Not only will it save you time, it will ease data flow, simplify code, require less power, and overall make logging into the 30 different websites so easy.

And it’s free. Sign me up. (i will actually sign up don’t do it for me)

I also hear rumor of some GPU friendly algorithm changes coming to DGB soon. Further proof that this is the coin for everyman. I salute you Mr. Tate. Godspeed




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