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Traders on Binance have been frustrated with the exchange’s handling of “dust” or leftover currency decimal places that were insufficent to trade. Some exchanges won’t let you trade the full amount of what you are holding, so often times even thousands of satoshi can be left behind just sitting in your exchange wallet. It can be frustrating seeing unusable funds just sitting there taunting you.

But fear not! Binance just added the option to dust your balances to BNB. On your balances page you can see the option at the top, and you can now turn in your loose satoshi’s and be rewarded with BNB. This is a great option for that half an XRP or a little GAS sitting around.

And remember you can get a 50% trading fee discount by enabling “pay fees with BNB”.

And if you haven’t signed up for Binance yet, please use my referral code!  https://www.binance.com/?ref=11706719



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April 26, 2018

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