Congratulations crypto kidzz! The DOGE faucet is live and i have tuned it to reward more fairly than most other sites. Click on the coinhive miner, get some DOGE. Payout will occur when you have accumulated 2 DOGE.

Please go to the Facebook page and LIKE, FOLLOW, GOOGLE IT, SCREENSHOT IT – (just like the page). We will be giving away 100 XVG when the FB page reaches 500 likes.

I want to give a shout to a cool new coin project called THE VIG. It’s traded on Graviex exchange. You can see some of their game sites here to the right ———————————–> Or check out their website

Be patient as we work out any kinks on this site. Please feel free to share feedback or report any bugs on our Discord channel. Look around at the bounties and get some conversation started.

As this site grows and we get more people involved there will be more faucets, more news, more giveaways, more projects!! Tell your friends


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