Here’s a little update.
All is well and we will never stop.
We had a ton of momentum in Q3 last year, things were looking soooo optimistic and we were building more quickly. We would like to sincerely apologize for the silence and brief hiatus.

We have both taken some much-needed time to focus on life and family, AND LET OUR FUNCTIONING DAPP RUN BY ITSELF FOR A BIT while we recharge and refocus.

Unfortunately (as you have probably noticed) this project has received alot of resistance, opposition, and just downright bad luck.
Here are a few examples:

– Tronscan $500,000 raised by copycat scammers
– Coinexchange closure
– Sistemkoin closure and theft of 0.25 BTC
– Altilly hack for 0.1 BTC
– CCtip closure
– Polonidex closure
– Coingecko removal

This has been demoralizing BUT it will not define or defeat this project!

Can you believe that 5 of our exchange listings have failed???
Yet our humble operation at is still running 3 years solid with ZERO DOWNTIME OR EXPLOITS?

We are still kicking ass and will not be defeated!

Please stack crypto, enjoy the functionality of, and get ready for the next chapter in this exciting journey.

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