We are excited to announce 3 new trading pairs on Altilly!

This is a neat exchange with all kinds of stuff to explore.
They have been around quite a while and have a good trust score on coingecko.

Now there are now 8 available markets to trade Cryptospot Token.

We have created a short term invest-box where you can gain 3% interest on SPOT held on Altilly through December 31st.
Also a small faucet is active to increase user awareness.

You probably did see a big dump today, it was new users taking advantage of the arbitrage opportunity that has been sitting on Polonidex for months. They smashed through a 17k SPOT sell wall (buying up nearly 10,000 tokens) and set record volume for us on Polonidex. This is natural progression and we are just glad to see people checking us out.

We will continue to add buy support where necessary.
Once again – WE WILL NEVER DUMP ON YOU and we appreciate the support as we continue to build and grow our user base.

You can see the announcement here and we look forward to seeing you in our communication channels.



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