It’s always exciting to see new ideas in the blockchain space and watch innovative projects take shape. The rise of defi has been especially neat to observe because it has reignited that wild west feeling from 2016 and returned a bit of excitement and mystery to us crypto kidzz┬«.
People are hunting for token farms, airdrops, and liquidity providing opportunities, which makes it important to stay up to date on the news of the day.
With recent news about publicly traded companies increasing their holdings of BTC, regulatory changes, and now PayPal support, it appears that we are continuing on the path of widespread usage of digital assets.

“Prediction marketsare an entirely new idea which has the likelihood of influencing movements and creating a unique sub-genre of previously unrealized crypto activities.

So today I want to make you aware of the never before seen, entirely new, revolutionary, mind-blowing project: PREDIX NETWORK (PRDX).
This one-of-a-kind platform (that I have absolutely no connection to – nor is this financial advice) has opened an entirely new dimension into defi and these [insane] leveraged futures contracts.

Just go have a look at
I will wait right here….

-So right off the bat you can see they are rewarding uniswap liquidity providers which strengthens the whole damn uni-system┬« by further incentivizing LP’s.
-Next you probably noticed that their token has done a +20% at time of writing; probably because they just released this monster platform and people are starting to realize how ahead of the curve these guys are.
-And of course they pay out weekly stakes to users locked in at
-You may have also seen the small supply of tokens and how they will be burned by LOSERS that FAIL in their prediction gambles.

I hope you see the potential in this idea and the implications of how important this could be. I could definitely envision a PRDX market widget that displays the sentiment of some of these defi markets. OR the overall sentiment about the future value of an asset! This niche idea is quite impressive and I have watched the platform take shape and come together nicely in a just a few short months.

Very excited for their team and look forward to observing how this project grows and takes shape. See you there.

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