Cryptospots DApp is making great progress! We are very close to the end of our token launch on so participate quickly if you want to get ahold of SPOT Tokens before we are live on the Tron Dex.

We have a HUGE partnership announcement coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting news. 


  • The website is very close to reaching its intended layout
  • We will have an exchange and integrated wallets
  • Our TRX node is alive and the contract is now being built
  • We are integrating ways to give users passive income
  • We will be doing approximately 7% profit sharing with users and 3% charity donations from exchange fees
  • There are going to be so many ways to connect with businesses that accept crypto. NO MORE EXITING TO FIAT!!!!
  • Users are going to get so many rewards just for messing around on the app

Stay tuned crypto kidzz!
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