We have some big plans for cryptospots.app!
We are building a DApp that will be a socially-powered ecosystem of users interacting with businesses that accept cryptocurrency as payment.

There will be incentives for businesses and users to join and participate. The beauty of the entire project is that your actions will trigger contract rewards with our Cryptospot Token (SPOT). You can then use the tokens in the app to trade, purchase, barter, or reward other users.
We are building:

  • searchable access to businesses that accept crypto
  • a patented chat system
  • a well-rounded DEX
  • unique events
  • games
  • integrated wallets
  • embedded crypto rewards from multiple projects
  • a crypto marketplace

These are just a few of the things that we are working on as we attempt to build what no one else has attempted! Things are very fluid as we piece this together. You can support us by donating here or by participating on tronscan.org

There is more information on the website and we have some open positions if you check out discord.




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