When I first heard about ZESTcoin I cranked up the miners and tried to grab some in the early POW phase. Not much luck though because I was a bit late to the party. I watched the project grow and saw a great early, speculative valuation placed on the coin. I wished I had more…. They were added to CoinExchange and I was able to grab a few; then they got listed on Cryptopia and are traded with several pairs! I swooped in like a thirsty, scurvy-ridden albatross and scooped up a pile – now my ZEST are staking nicely in a Staking Labs masternode.

What is ZESTcoin? You might not have heard, but this is THE latest and greatest crypto project that is focused on community outreach and charity! This project was launched in late May of 2018, and the team already has dedicated masternodes earning rewards for several great causes. These causes were outlined and their funds were allocated immediately upon launch. The team has worked carefully to operate their scaling POS mechanisms properly. They call it a “smart growth approach” – a way to sustain growth without hyper-saturation in a crypto market that is flooded with masternode coins that offer insane, unsustainabe ROI’s.

So… why ZEST? Because this project GIVES to other people. Sure, you can stake your coins or set up a masternode – but when you do this you are giving a little bit back. This is an outreach program that is positively impacting people’s lives. 5% of the rewards are retained by the ZEST foundation and used in charity campaigns, scholarships, and fundraisers. So of course you can hodl and make a profit! But remember when you are making profits with ZEST, you are also helping give a little back. You are making a difference while you make money. It’s a win, win situation

Here’s a new bounty program where you can get rewarded for getting involvedĀ https://zestcoin.bjammerboy.io/5073/3752289


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