Good evening crypto kidzz! Hope everyone had a great weekend, thanks for claiming. The faucet is back to normal but I left the 1% at 10 DOGE so hope you can get that.

This is an important week in crypto – everything is “hanging in the balance” it seems. The markets have been a mess, people are giving up, even more people are just sitting on piles of crapcoins. We need some good news from China to bolster the markets this week! Come on, China do something..

I will continue to diversify and HODL. A couple things to check out:

  • TPAY added to cryptopia! Solid project finally will be on a legit exchange
  • Cryptaldash launch – this is the most ambitious exchange launch I have seen yet, I hope they hit a home run! Launch is June 19th
  • In other news, XRP is a security
  • No one is giving away ETH…..

Don’t get suckered into these MN scams either guys. Remember – (typically) bigger supply = smaller value.


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