Consensus is coming! New York Blockchain Week is upon us. Are you ready?

Many interesting projects will be showcasing their newest ideas. Prices could pump. Fortunes could be made. BTC will likely jump, and we will get an idea of the outlook for crypto in the remainder of this year.

-Keep an eye on MANA – I picked up some more on Saturday.

-(Who gives a f*** about Snoop Dogg)

-Buterin refuses to go in protest of the ticket prices.

-What announcements will be made about futures trading?

-I hope XVG can get some good PR!

-The Twitter CEO will be there to talk about how we have taken over.

-Grab some DGB as I project a steady increase in value the next few months.

Try to stay in the loop, Bloomberg will probably do some coverage and of course there’s always twitter.



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