Good afternoon crypto kidzz! (TM) I see a lot of new users today, welcome to – THE BEST DOGE FAUCET ON THE INTERNET (also TM) Please like our FB page to be entered into the 100 XVG giveaway

Lots of positivity in the crypto markets this week, I hope you are making gains. I see Asiacoin holding onto $0.01 today haha. I’m disappointed that Oyster Pearl delayed their mainnet launch, but these things take time and I hope you can wait patiently for the date next month.

Be prepared for the MoneroV fork happening most likely on Monday afternoon, move your funds now to make sure they clear in time. I successfully moved XMR to HitBTC, they are supporting the fork. Of course any XMR wallet will do (if you can find one that isnt covertly mining on your PC) or simply use a paper wallet. But make sure you have a way to get those funds back off the paper wallet, as it can be frustrating to recover.

Heads up, sometime tomorrow there will be DOGE FAUCET BONUSES!!!


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